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Beachcombers of Love

Here's where it begins:
Lucy & Et
on and island in the sea
yes, and

meanwhile, living with the tides
being on the beach
becoming ever more familiar
with the flotsam
becoming beach combers
on the coast where love is abundant

as grains of sand in your hand
as sparkles on the surface

where love is abundant and free

as a shining golden mangrove leaf
shaped like a heart

as two elongated pods of the tree
magically entwined

as its leaves lying gleaming
like something from a treasure chest

as abundant as the mangrove's bright red roots
leaning up from silt to sky

love as abundant and free
as a curled up flip flop
sheltering a plant

So here, on the beach, is where it goes from:
Lucy & Et
on and island in the sea
yes, and watching

watching the ruffling foam
at the water's edge
that replays
a thousand moments
of the soul's best secrets

wishing on the promise that
the sea so holds

& watching the sea like dreamland
that echoes its truth through the morning

watching the sea like sequinned silk
in the lunchtime sun

watching the sea like liquid silver
in the late day's swim

watching the sea like crystal ink
melted smooth in the moonlight

So, here they are on the touch
of the sand and the sea
on the brink of one and one
becoming two

Lucy & Et
on and island in the sea
yes, and singing and dancing

on the beach where the sand sees it all

the hard sand that is easy
on travelling and kite flying feet

the soft sand that gives and
indefinably sculpts

the hot sand that hosts
the colour and song of home

the cool damp sand that holds the imprint
of joyfully cartwheeling hands

So, here we are on the beach
with the beach combers of love
looking out with them
to the sea
and their future
of love

so abundant and free
Lucy & Et
on an island in the sea

for Lucy and Etienne
10th November 2000

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