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The Bus Not Taken

"Road Closed, Diversion" says the yellow sign;
No "Sorry" from Edinburgh City.
I, one driver, in a long long line,
I shake my head - what strange design
Has gripped the transport subcommittee?

And the bus? They've went and raised the fare,
Though having perhaps the better claim,
Because it is greener and, sitting there,
You can stare out at what people wear
And time-wise, it takes about the same.

But both today are equally jammed
In lanes orange cones have created.
Och, I'd bin the plans for getting trammed!
Aye, transport guys are constantly damned,
But I'm lost and late and frustrated.

I may be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
The roads dug up for our good, and I-
I took the car more travelled by
But will a tram make that much difference?

Written for The Scotsman, May 2008




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