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Diamante Night

high lights held
on invisibility in the darkness
& one much higher than all this:
an aeroplane
flashes its red,
small red light glimmers
& another
the lighthouse
flashes regularly
four times a minute
& there far off, another twinkling
that comes and goes
away over in Fife
while a distant
star-like, many rayed
crosses to the right
of my window pane
curving in
getting brighter
such a great fake star

how I'd love to fly in
and see the city spread below
identifying these lights as mine
there's my lighthouse
there's my harbour
see there in the dark Firth of Forth
those little lights on the boats
they're my view boats
whatever they do or carry
wherever they go to and from
I watch them
and really sort of know them

the fiery ribbon of coastal towns
almost rippling
its orange dense in parts
elsewhere more spangled and sparse
at the mouth of the harbour
the guiding lights wink
for the way in
red over there
green nearer here
quicker than the Inchkeith lighthouse
and giddily out of synch
one with another

peering closer at the white flashes
far across
appearing in different places in the towns
they seem to be the headlights of cars
beaming over the brow of hills
at just that slope to strike into
eyes across in the capital

and through the magic microscoption
& magnification of binoculars
the scene is dazzling
and vignettes, special close-ups
that show night time focus
in lights through the veil
of double glazed windows
with their misty reflection
of lights and colours in the flat
through this unfocused interior
tiny sparks of light

& the lighthouse on closer inspection
through the looking glasses
remains a tiny wee small glimmer
of light even between the bright flashes
a total surprise
for the normally naked eye
& it swings round from the right
a clockwise swash
of warning safety lighting
much more gradual than the
instantaneous dash flash
I perceive it to be at a casual glance
just before I draw the curtains each night

with this slower looking
& some optical assistance
there's so much more to see ...

sequinned diamante
sparkling treasure chest &
freeze frame fireworks night
shot taffeta harbour water
black velvet sky
& bright jewels draped
across my decorated coastline.

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