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Flip Flotsam

This is the beach
where the flip flops come
at the end of their
flip flop trip.

And where does a
flip flop trip begin?

the floor of a flip flop factory;
on the shelf of a flip flop shop;
or the foot of a flip flop fan?

And what snaps the strap
of each flip flop
that finds its flip flop fate?

a flip too far;
a flop too fast;
or a slip that
flapped it back?

And what does the sea say
when she sees another flip flop fall?

Oh, flip flop and flotsam
fair and foul,
I'll freely float you all!"?

But is a flip flop trip
really finished
once the waves
wash them up on the shore?

Or could the beachcombers
bring them
back to life
turning flotsam into
something worth
much more?

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