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Give Us A Break

Who cares for the carers? Who gives us a break?
Let the movers move and the shakers shake
Till the system works for everyone's sake.

He’s always ‘my darling’, make no mistake,
But I bite my nails and tear out my hair,
Don't wait for the break-down – give me a break.

Five hundred thousand in Scotland awake
knowing they’re the ones who have to be there
to hold up the ceiling, for everyone's sake –

Sharing the load brings change in its wake.
Since humans are human and sainthood is rare,
Accept my reality – give us a break.

Respond to the pleas that all of us make
With phone calls, appointments, petitions and prayer,
Then stick to your promise for everyone's sake.

We’re asking for funding that's fair and not fake,
For time to recover, to rest and repair,
We’re unpaid carers – give us a break,
And do the right thing for everyone's sake.

© 2007 Elspeth Murray

For Shared Care Scotland’s conference
Breaking Through
April 26th 2007



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