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in the ritual darkness
     and infinite pathways
          of rainbow flames
ethereal strings
a congregation of spirits
and quiet buds -
wishes wrapped
in the tissue of togetherness
a faint shadow of inner struggle
graceful and inevitable
sparks and kindling
tiny flames that
make a multitude
marking the manyness
of us & we -
this tension
& pull for freedom
and wider
a hint of flight
dance that is dreaming
and passion
and roots & bodies
feelings of flight
tenderness that tugs
at our deepest
innate hooks,
sensations of yearning -
This is our birthing
& beginning,
every moment
& every glimmering light -
these are our burdens,
every grain of being,
each woven wish -
this fluid of our journeying -
any & every drop of water
we have drunk
or swum in
or bathed in -
this air and these breaths -
deep inhalations of peace
and a sharing of voice
song of ourselves
resonance of real life
a living rock that sings out -
& a shining crystal
that glints with inward energy -
from the quietest whisper
to the widest harmony of living
eyes open in the darkness,
blinking for vision,
eyes closed in the face
of each day's morning star
the sun of all we hope to know -
for now -
& an unveiling -
clouds & night time
gracefully lifting
this land
this nation
this magical nation
a land of welcome
where rivers of light
and a well of wishes
are swelled with
hopes cast wide
and dreams held dear -
spaces held out & open
for dancing,
wearing & carrying
our memories and hopes -
opening to a sharing of selves
a sharing of songs,
& stories and music
& poems and a weaving together
of temples & tenements of dreams -
          unstoppable spirals
                    of growth.

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