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Insight Looking Out

insights caught sleepily in the heavy dawn
curiously fresh metaphors of growth

wisdom of your own heart
heard in the words of dear friends

sights that give you peace
these views are your treasures

night lights over the water
recall your own clear dreaming

god given amulets painted in the sky
shooting stars and morning moons

expansive melodies and lyrical lines
sampled and remastered in your own soul song

treading, stamping, skating some fine line
balanced in a landscape rich in possible paths

faded and frayed loose ends
you cut some clean and stitch some in

regrets that you can redeem
and carry on still strong

building with broken spirit rubble
digging deep to house and furnish the future

letting go of heartache
with gratitude and grace

some love lost but not unloved
yearning hearts are learning fast

seeing in your unfurled palms
more hope than fear

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