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Kenny Stenhouse Was A Poet

Kenny Stenhouse was a poet
- some folk are new and didn't know it -
and his work he sent by email
I've saved up many which I'll re-mail

His aim was to keep things tidy
so he blessed us with Tidy Friday
where paper, boxes, trash and more
could be left outside the door
and he'd come round being jolly
with growly voice and with his trolley

The email poems were full of wit
(I'm trying to imitate a bit)
and the ryhmes were very clever
among the funniest I've seen - ever:

... bags marked Hannay
... Shareen Nanjiani
... maybe West Ham
... sandwiches on spam
... expecting rain
... up all night with the wean
... like the West Indies
... close your windaes

So if his passing is getting you down
and you're carrying a frown
read vintage Stenhouse for a while
and you'll soon be wearing a smile.

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