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Love Train

Dreaming up a journey through the Rockies
with a ring and a question up his sleeve
it's a secret thing
she'll discover soon enough
on the Love Train, the Rocky Mouintaineer

Climbing ever higher through the Rockies
changing landscapes set the scene for changing lives
and the rhythm's good for thinking
views can clarify the mind
hand in hand on the Rocky Mouintaineer

Here's the most beautiful spot in the Rockies
where petals are strewn on the floor
evening sunlight streaming in
he asks the crucial question
she says yes on the Rocky Mouintaineer

The other people on that train in the Rockies
open-hearted, offer more than one would hope
they wish our lovers a long journey
of joyful married life
and happy memories of the Rocky Mouintaineer

Night follows day in the Rockies
and the rails sing a lullaby song
as the carriages sway
there's such a sense of what's to come
beyong the magic of the Rocky Mouintaineer

for Jess and Greg
17th May 2002




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