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I want to trust and open up
in my home and see that happening
to others

I want to love
and have that love
be understood completely
and returned in a way that
I can accept,
understand and embrace

I want to lift a baby
into the air
and laugh with it
and be
in a state of discovery there

I want to be able
to think about money

I want to complete
and develop
and make sense of episodes
that have been given to me

I want something to come
of everything -
even if that something
is quiet
and unassuming

I want to embrace complexity,
I want to celebrate uncertainty

I want to know
what I want
to hear

I want children
to be loved

I want a home that
glows with appreciation

I want colour
and creativity

I want breadth
and swing

I want shining lights
and clinking glasses

I want old friends
and new friends
and renewal
and growth

I want some
familiar shabbiness
to be replaced
with fresh,
grace and space -
something that breathes
and gives

I want my intuitions
to be sound
and well-placed

I want
my dreams
to live

I want peace
and honesty

I want
to nurture the ancients
and house the meaningful

I will take care of
the special things
life has brought me

I want a sheet
that envelops
all the tenderness
and echoes with
shared intimacy

I want a soothing hand
on my back
and a light
that twinkles in a high place
when the night seems
long and cold

I want extra butter
and red red fruit
and tangy food
and cool cool water

I want to celebrate union
and communion
and community
and unity

I want to be appreciated
and useful
and encouraging
and creative

I want the days to hold meaning
that doesn't need years
to be recognised

I want the flags of nations
to mean everything
that is least important
to people
in every part of life

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