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The Next Poem

'The next poem' was gonna be
the title of the next poem
& it was gonna deal
in a subtly ironic fashion
with the phenomenon of
the poet's preamble to
the next poem
I had hoped that
'the next poem'
could have highlighted
the dilemma faced by
the poet when deciding whether
a) to boldly go on about what the poem is -
contextulising it with
relevant background information
personal, literary and cultural references, etc.
OR whether b) to well, sort of, you know,
kind of implicitly apologise for what
actually, it isn't, like:
I'm afraid the next poem
isn't a recent one
& isn't very funny
& doesn't deal with any hot issues
& doesn't really rhyme much of the time
but for what it's worth here it is, kind of thing
But the subtle irony is that
I was too busy figuring out
what I was going to say about
the next poem
that I didn't quite get round to composing
the poetically preambulatory debate
of a preable to a a poem poem.

Although maybe I just did ...

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