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What I Noticed
On My Journey Here Today

Monday morning, late October,
It's cold!
I need more sleep.
I am definitely NOT a "morning person"
I noticed how dark it is at 5.45
and I noticed several squashed rabbits
on the motorway. I wonder if anyone
ever swerves to avoid them.
On "rubbish collection" days,
the West End of Edinburgh
is like a landfill site.
A lot of drivers regard the function
of traffic lights as "suggestions"
rather than "instructions".

On leaving the station this morning, Monday,
at 7.15 I noticed it was much darker
than on Friday, same time, same place.
I noticed the fog
sitting over buildings.
I usually walk to work at six
and see the same people,
at the same place.
This morning was all new fresh faces
as I was that bit earlier.
I noticed the beautiful sunrise.
I noticed the way the mist swirled
round the tops of the trees
and over Duddingston Loch.

There was a fantastic red sunrise
drenching the coast behind me.
I was so tempted to
turn the car around
and have breakfast on the beach.
A misty shroud hanging over the city.
Salisbury Crags, the smoky turrets of St Leonards
were so imposing in the pink dawn.
Coming through Holyrood Park,
looking to my left
the sky was a beautiful colour of red.
I noticed that it wasn't as cold
as I expected it to be.
There was a rainbow in the sky.

There's a hole in my fishnets.
I saw two guys cottaging.
Road works.
I was aware of the element of 'speed',
the mph of rush hour cars
and fast-paced life at work.
There was no bin
from West Port to Port Hamilton
for me to put my banana skin in!
People smoking outside pubs at 8am
don't tend to look very healthy.
I saw Carol from this year's Big Brother
sitting on a bench on Princes Street.
I noticed how boring I find this Job.

Oh and I noticed I had forgotten
to put on underwear such freedom.
I saw that a crow had unfortunately
been knocked down by a car or a bus
and was lying dead on the road :(
Today's observation:
That I need a new job, one I actually enjoy
or I'll always struggle to get up
and be late for work each day!
There were too many road works
causing delays trying to get to work.
A woman at the bus stop
in the half light, her white trainers
the brightest thing around.

I noticed the freezing fog over the Pentlands
and the loch in Holyrood Park.
Shadowy people walking across
the misty Meadows towards the university.
Fog and sunshine and autumn leaves.
The smell of cut grass
and car fumes as I rode my bike,
plus the horrific driving due to a slight bit of fog.
I noticed that other drivers
always go
when you are in a hurry.
I was being chauffeur driven by Prince Charming.
I saw a builder waving.

I saw a Lama with a pink cravat
smoking a Sherlock Holmes type pipe.
What's worse is that I recognised him.
What's worse is that he recognised me!
He soon started chasing after my bus.
For those that don't know their Lamas,
they can run fast. I'm pretty sure it was
all due to unpaid gambling debts
from our time together in Nam.
I can't discuss further
due to film rights.
I can say however that years of smoking
had caught up with him and he soon
passed out by a kerb in Sunny Gilmerton.

I noticed that it was a wee bit colder outside.
And someone greeted me
with a smile and a warm hello and
handed me this questionnaire.
I noticed that there are not many
people wearing pink
for breast cancer awareneness
Widows staff included.
I saw lampposts - glowing golden in the foggy dawn,
I tasted clouds - their sweet, stifling wetness,
I heard under the heart beat of a train
the rustle of a thousand papers,
I could smell - faintly - ginger, my perfume.
And I felt fraying cloth, growing older under my fingers.


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