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The Art and Science of Improving Health
(Through the Organised Efforts of Me And
My Erstwhile Employer, Lothian NHS Board)

Two years since I was last in your employ,
and henceforth I am staying on this break
for things that any writer might enjoy:
new ways to be inspired, to learn, to make
connections - none the less connected with
the work I'd done in eight years at the board.
Health policy is boring? That's a myth!
Like art, it is a dream we move toward.
Each day we take small steps, collate new stuff
absorb the varied voices, young and old,
concoct a blend of rigorous and rough
and hope that our best efforts will take hold.
Though career paths part with a healthy urge,
Our multi-disciplinary ways merge.

March 2008
Part of my official letter of resignation
at the end of a two-year career break.




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