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Twelve New Year Resolutions

Because health and wealth and wisdom are worth it,
I resolve to lengthen and deepen my sleeps.

Because rhythm is what we're made of,
I resolve to walk and dance and jump.

Because money means something and time is finite,
I resolve to become a better budgeter of both.

Because I like to find things quickly,
I resolve to shuffle my stuff into shape.

Because words are a wonderful way to get lost,
I will saunter down the side roads of stories.

Because they say every day is a school day,
I resolve to keep doing the homework.

Because chocolate doesn't mind waiting,
I resolve to favour the freshness of fruit.

Because no one will photoshop me slimmer,
I resolve to choose from the menu of moderation.

Because mindful consumption makes us use less,
I resolve to monitor the impact of my habits.

Because conversation is a real-time art,
I resolve to call you and meet you face to face.

Because this tapestry is a constant creation,
I resolve to be present in every moment.

Because each day deserves the best of me,
I resolve to let go of what no longer works.


Written on New Years Day 2011




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