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surface shimmer
Sound of Harris'
silver velvet

surface breakers
bold undressed plunging
into the wide waters of the west side

surface beckoning
bare legs ready for cold
but tensed by soft chill shallows

surfce ornamentation
morning wind whips
white peaks on the green

surfacing seals
wriggle heavily to the rocks
mother tilts for the hungry pup

surface spectacular
Cal Mac spectators catch
diving gannets with binoculars

surface suds
white froth clings quivering
down the length of a South Uist beach

surface colourwash
gleaming rock marked shallows
Benbecula's sunset causeways

surface darkness
grey skies turn light waters black
as winter stealing long summer nights

surface shining
beached near midnight by the jetty
the mosaic fish eye glints at the moon

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