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Frog Poems

Frogs and toads are in big trouble across the world because their habitats are disappearing, water is polluted, the climate is changing and because of a disease that stops them being able to breathe through their skin.

See www.savethefrogs.com for more facts, information and pictures.

I am collecting poems for the Save the Frogs website. Already they have 'Musicians for Frogs', 'Lawyers for Frogs' and 'Businesses for Frogs', so we're working towards a 'Poets for Frogs' section too.

Here are some ideas for your own frog or toad poems:

1. Find out about a particular kind of frog or toad and describe the world from that frog's point of view.
2. Imagine all kinds of brave, extravagant and daring ways in which you could save the frogs.
3. What if you found the last frogs alive on the planet … What would you do? How would you feel?
4. In fairy tales, magic spells are used to turn people into frogs, or spells are broken to turn frogs into princes. Write a magic spell poem that helps people to see things from a frog's point of view.
5. You might also get ideas from other animal poems that you like.

Feel free to include pictures and illustrations too!

Please send your poems by 1st November 2008 to

Frog Poems
40/1 Woodhall Road
EH13 0DU

Or send them to elspeth@elspethmurray.com

Also see:
Frog World
http://frogworld.net/- Everything you'd ever want to know about frogs'
Amphibian Ark
http://www.amphibianark.org/ - 'Keeping threatened amphibians afloat'
Frog Matters
http://frogmatters.wordpress.com/ - An up-to-date frog blog

Thank you!

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