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me! me! me!

1) Being a more or less random selection
of personal information ...

a) I was born in

April 1970 and Farnborough, Kent.

b) I live in Edinburgh, Scotland.
c) I used to live in
Philadelphia, PA; Retford, Nottinghamshire; Blairgowrie, Perthshire; Hayton, Cumbria; West Wickham, Kent.
d) My kith and kin consist of 1 habsolutely heavenly husband, 1 magnificent mother (1 dear, deceased dad), 1 spritely step-father,1 marvellous mother-in-law, 2 brilliant brothers, 0 silly sisters, 3 super sisters-in-law, 2 super-slick step-sons, 2 nifty nieces and 2 noisy nephews, 7 cool cousins, 3 awesome aunts, 2 uncanny uncles (1 deceased), 1 gorgeous grandparent (4 deceased), 3 good godparents, and innumerable incredible friends.
e) Did you say husband? Yes! In September 2005 I married the magical Richard Medrington, puppeteer, poet, playwright and direct descendent of the great magician, Arthur Charles Percy Medrington - yes well not a lot of people know that, aren't you glad you read on?
f) My favourite colour is
Red. And turquoise. And black with white polka dots.
g) My favourite film is
It's a Wonderful Life.
h) My favourite Muppet is
Gonzo the Great
i) I play
guitar, penny whistle, percussion, golf, tetris
j) My poetic licence is
very valid
k) I am good at
singing, smiling, talking, walking, fishing, wishing, biking, liking lots of things
l) I am bad at throwing things out, walking past charity shops without going in. And buying red coats, turquoise scarves and polka dot dresses.
m) I used to look bit like
m) I currently look a bit like
m) You can contact me on elspeth@elspethmurray.com.

2) What my Business Card Says:

versatile versemonger
weaver of text styles
fearlessly looping performative loops
creator of cool and elegant poetry
blowing bright speech bubbles
into the blue

3) Being a bunch of quotes, snippets, more or less
attributed statements that might make people think,
"Oh, so it's not just me then  ...  "
A bit like a Press Release. But Different.

a) A Very Nice Quote ...
"my favorite poets, in no particular order, are:
William Shakespeare (deceased)
Walt Whitman (deceased)
TS Elliot (deceased)
Phillip Larkin (deceased)
Elspeth Murray (not deceased- a vibrant, young woman currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland)"

Thus spake Hugh MacLeod, of gapingvoid.com on his weblog. He's pretty big in the blogosphere and has been blogging so long that his archives don't go back to the time he said that nice thing. Anyway, Hugh's thing is "cartoons drawn on the back of business cards" and his site is well worth a visit.

b) One of the sweetest things someone sent me
(with a recording from a gig):
"I very much enjoy listening to your poetry which seduces me with a sharp and clear voice into my dreams."

c) What Big Word have said about me
"Deft poetic images, wry humour and personal testament."

"The lyrical ridiculous and the threatrical absurd, words were never meant this way."

"An accidental collision of crafty theatre, ditzy comedy and absurd poetry."

"Smartly inventive and hilariously ditzy, and accidental collision of theatre, comedy and poetry."

"The dippy queen of dappy ditz."

d) What the press say about Big Word
"a cultural phenomenon in the making … a remarkable amount of talent … often gut-bustingly funny" Evening News

"you have to see Big Word live, the audience love it", Elle

"I hate performance poetry … and this was brilliant", The Scotsman

"Hilarious … hyperactive poetry show … varying troupe of brilliant witty talent", The List

"Entertains faster than most one-man theatre and lasts longer than stand-up comedy", The Herald

"A glowing reputation for a good night out", The Independent


me! me! me!

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