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NEW! In case you missed

the article in The Scotsman

about the Flip-Flop Phenomenon

you can read it here!

Things made out of Flip Flops!

I now sell a range of
bright & breezy
fairly traded
things made out of

Email me on elspeth@elspethmurray.com
and read on to find out more.

beautiful bags
buoyant boats
bungy bathmats
bo-ho beaded curtains
jazzy jewellery
kick-ass key rings
and a marine menagerie
of magnets & mobiles

The goods are made by women and young people of the WWF-managed Kiunga Marine Reserve in Kenya (That's the link, by the way, where you can read about the special mention that the flip flop project got recently in the House of Lords, no less!).

This project helps clean up beaches where turtles nest and provides income where work opportunities are few. Income from the work gives the women new skills and greater economic autonomy. The work boosts children's educational opportunities with benefits that are felt by the whole family.

The craft project and my poem Flip Flotsam are both featured in an award winning documentary. Flip Flotsam is an uplifting and intriguing look at the unusual life cycle of flip flops along the East African Coast.

Made by Etienne Oliff and Lucy Bateman, the film has won prizes at the Zanzibar Film Festival and The Explorers Club Documentary Film Festival and has won the newcomers award at the prestigous Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. You can find out more about the film at www.flipflotsam.com.

These fairly traded craft products have an amazing history and a unique look and feel. While mass-produced flip flops are quite the happening thing, these recycled and hand-crafted original items are really very special indeed. A separate website, flipflopalula.com has been developed to sell the flip flop creations. I will also be happy to take queries and orders via the email address at the bottom of the page.

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