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My Top Two Wedding Photos


That's me arriving respectably late at the church, in the wedding dress that was made in 1939 for my grandmother Nancy Morris for her marriage to my grandfather Alastair Robertson. Both her younger sisters (my great aunts) also wore it and I was so pleased to be able to shimmy into it for our Special Day.

What else would you like to know? I am being helped out of the car by my brother Ben Murray. My eldest brother Alastair gave a wonderful speech and both of them would have made our dad proud. The car, a Lanchester, was almost the same vintage as the dress and the tiara was specially made by the very talented Alison Croft. And Brian Fiscbacher gets the photo credit.




Mr and Mrs Richard Medrington at Newhaven Harbour.

(Richard's outfit came almost exclusively from Armstrong's the brilliant vintage clothes shop in Edinburgh. The top hat was from ebay and I found the silk tie in a charity shop. Nae bad, eh?)