Your Life is a Work of Art

This has been my operating motto or ethos since I wrote a poem with this title in 2009 as part of a commission for a BBC website encouraging young people’s creativity.

Here is that poem:

Your Life Is A Work Of Art

In the blink of an eye
on an ordinary day

When your pocket spills a
picture that says it all

When the street you’re in
is a scene from a film

When your soundscape
whirlwinds in a single kiss

Your life is a work of art.

The shine that you
bring to the story

The way that you
wear that hat

The faces you saw
in the cracks on the floor

Your life is a work of art.

When you and your
friends strike a pose

The reason that you
chose those rhymes

The angles of your arms
at the end of the dance

Your life is a work of art.

Your own reflection
when you least expect it

Or colours caught in your
drawer of clothes

A collage of everything
you’ve ever left behind

Your life is a work of art.

How you frame it
when you see it
because you sense it
and how you edit.

It’s yours to inhabit
It’s yours to exhibit
You are the creator
You are the curator.

Your life is a work of art.

© Elspeth Murray 2009